Thursday 31 December 2009


New Years Eve



This is the best Christmas/New Year weather I have had since I was very young!




Who want to sleep all day long??????              Daddy of course!



Playing in the snow.



Eva, Rune and Helena took  a walk with Bosson, Milda, Molly, Angie, Penny, Devlina and Jill.



Walking in the fields.



It was almost too cold for walking today!



Gloria was happy to stay inside.......she had no idea that it was New Years Eve today *S*!



Lot of people were at the catering shop to get their food tonight.



Rune and I were in the graveyard and put light on my fathers grave again. We can see our house from his grave and from first floor in our house we can see the light on the grave. Comfort feeling to have my fater "soo close"!



Lot of light in the garden tonight.     Rune carried the food into the house.




Devlina took care of Glorias puppies for a while!









Roy thought he was a part of the staff, and start to serve us......



Jenny and Princess came and spend the evening and night with us too.



Daddy got steak from Eva too. I got a photo from Hanna that showed how she had prepared Alicia for all noise at twelve o 'clock!!! Cakes for dessert, Mmmmmmm!



Vip is a crazy and fantastic happy dog too. In the middle of the night we were out running with some puppies...if someone drive through they probably think we were some idiots doing this in the cold in the night........and we probably are.



Rune was so tired after trying to take new photos of our oldest puppies........thay are just toooooooooo happy to handle just now *S* and especially at two o'clock in the night!



Of course we all eat to much!



Celebrating the New Year 2010 at midnight and drinking Champagne that Helena brought, we continue to.......



 Look at TV and to sleep a little at the same time ........Eva and Arne and me with Daddy in front of me and Jenny behind me *S*!


Then we took some photos of Victoria and Princess.




Jilloc's Victorias Secret....looking so much better on the ground but we wanted her on the table *S*!



Jilloc's Vote For Me standing still in a split of a second!



Jilloc's Vic Junior. I am very fond of all males in this litter.....but he was the only one that we got a standing photo of *S*!!!


Today I had to visit my hairdresser in the morning so Carola took care of the dishes and the puppies before she leave for home, thank You...... and in the afternoon Helena and her princesses Molly and Milda are coming from Stockholm, to stay here owner New Year.


After work Rune was and cut his hair today too and then we met in the grocery to shop, and then finally we were all at home together.


Time to make dinner, dish again feed puppies and dogs and then we all looked at TV.



As soon as I couldn't find Helena I just have to look in the puppy bin and there she was *S*!




Gloria start to jump over from the puppyyard just when ever she want *S*!




We got lot of snow in the evening and Jonnie got stuck with his car in front of our house, thank god Arne took his 4 wheels drive car and pull him up.

Tonight Arne did some necessary things with the heat pump so we could use it, HURRAY and thank You a lot, it was soon warm and cosy in this part of the house too.



Dinner together.



Then we looked at TV and eat Runes frozen cheesecake again....it is soon empty now and thank god it is one year until he will make it again *S*!






I have to use my cross trainer a lot those days *S*!




Tuesday 29 December 2009


Today Eva and I are going to the vet to put a small deaf puppy asleep and to vaccinate some puppies.



Of course we HAD TO buy a cake in the lovely cake store in Vera, close to the vet.



Carola was here when we were back home and she had Perfect and Jenna with her. They will stay here with us until tomorrow.




Carola and Daddy in one of our couch and Carola and a small puppy in another *S*!!! She tested all our beds but.......



Finally in the evening Carola and Puffie choose the yellow guestroom!



There have been a dogshow in Norway those days and I got this photo from Nina Nyhammer that is the owner of Lovinda's Indian Chief J Loverboy and J Picture of Paradise) he was in junior class and today he got his first CAC and became Nr 2 Best Male after his big brother Ch Lovinda's Fabian that was BOB and Big Congratulations to You all!!!!



Monday 28 December 2009


Rune up early for work ..... I was sleeping a bit longer.


Today we got even more snow and it was very cold outside. I really hope that our Heating pump that we should put in the kitchen will come to the store today....brrrr! The temperature is between -8 to -15 degrees every day now, and I have to say that I am very proud of my 3,5 months old puppies that go through the dog hatch everytime they want to pee...noo accidences indoors last month..very good....love You my sweet "big puppies"!!! Victoria, Junior, VIP, Midnight and Blueye!!!!



Rune came home with the heater in the late afternoon and he and Arne start to pack it up......there are some things we need to buy before it will work and Rune will do that tomorrow.



Sunday 27 December 2009


Rune have to be at the Inoff Dogshow that he have been working with for many weeks now very early this morning, poor!

He was back in the afternoon and fell asleep immediately......this have been a holiday without any quality time as it should be especially for him......don't know when it will be the way we want it???




Saturday 26 December 2009


Before we woke up there start to ring in the phone to ask about the show and how the weather was here!!!!!!......I do not think that people have any life or any respect for other peoples life....!

We have got lot of snow tonight and all the day yesterday so it is really beautiful and the way a Christmas should be outside. If we just got a bit rest it would have been perfect.

We start to look at the eye colour yesterday evening at the small puppies and I am afraid that I think there are some blue eyes here too, and probably one deaf male......not a nice Christmas present, and especially not when they look so good, but there is always something.

All puppies was already sold but if there are some blue eyed that I have to sell as pets I will be very sad, and I am rather sure about that. But we have always problems to look at the eye colour on the liver ones........, and especially if they have only a blue spot in the eye it is really hard to find it !!!!


It was snowing all day long!




Eva and Arne came in the middle of the day to stay in their caravan for some days, we eat a little in the evening and talked for some hours.



Arne felt a bit sick and took a nap on the couch.



Helena's Milda got a new toy and when she hold it in her mouth she couldn't see anything so she have to stay in her bed *S*!


Can't remember if I told You two weeks ago when Rune couldn't find his mobilephone in the evening even if he have had it just 10 minutes earlier....and after looking around the house we went to bed. I have just started the washing machine and we start to ring on the phone to see if we can hear it...but suddenly Rune remember that he have put his trousers in the machine just before I started it.... ha ha ha the mobile have to be in the machine and we couldn't stop it. After one and a half hour I got it out from the machine and of course it was very wet and kaput!! He have to buy a new one next day!


Today when I was looking for something in the toilet on first floor I had my phone in my bra as usual (as the string I always have it in around my neck was broken).......then suddenly and very fast the phone fell out of my bra and right down in the toilet (thank god it was clean *S*)....it disappeared but came back after some seconds...I grab it and shout for Rune and he took it apart and I get him my hairdryer and he start to dry it.

This is a very expensive habit to destroy our phones in very special ways *S*!!



Friday 25 December 2009


This was the only day that we will spend here at home alone without any visitors...and we will sleep long and just be together with our dogs and look at TV and play with puppies.......that was our intention...but as always our own wishes always comes last.

From early morning there start to call people that have forget to enter or pay or anything to the unofficial show that Skaraborgs Kennelklubb will have at Sunday. They even called yesterday at Christmas eve and asked about crazy things. Rune was at the computer for 7 hours today!!!!! I really hope he will finish his work in the kennel club soon as he work so much and never ever have a day free. But it is probably to much to ask for to get any rest, and this lovely days will not come back until next year......! Our normal bad luck!



Look at this lovely bracelet I got from Hanna, Jens and Alicia, and look at Runes tie clip both with Gloria's head on.....Fantastic thank You so much!!


Other lovely presents we got was a loving "Angel" from Windy and Breeze. A pearl necklace from Anne Karin and Rune got a tie from Rune N.



And beautiful flowers from Nathalie and Jimmie, Jennie and Ellie, Jill with family and Hildegunn with family.



Ellie was happy for her gifts. Snurra was happy with company too and she occupied grandma the whole weekend *S*!



Sandy from Norway send best wishes to us.......Oh that charming girl!!!



Ellie and Jennie was at the amusement park LISEBERG and they won a lot of chocolate, thank god that they live in Gothenburg otherwise I have been there to eat!



Thursday 24 December 2009



We wish You All a Merry Christmas!



Penny, Jill behind, Devlina and Bosson and VIP in Runes arms.

Photo by Eva Ahlberg.



At one o'clock Jimmie, Nathalie, Eddie and my mother came from Gothenburg and we eat a very good brunch,

 together with them and Roy.



Nathalie made glögg for her and Rune.





Grandma's darling Eddie on his second Christmas.



Then we start to prepare for the dinner and take care of the dishes from the brunch.



Rune went out with some of the dogs in the snow and at 7 o'clock the dinner was ready, then I was already soo tired. It is not fun to stay in the kitchen for 5 hours and take care of everything, but of course Rune helped me very much. Next time I would like to go somewhere where it is snow and just relax and do nothing at all!!! But of course t will be problems with all dogs and we do not want to leave them at home so we will probably continue with the same procedure next year too.



Dogs love the snow!



Today I have bee eaten more than I have done for a whole week.......that is the way it should be at Christmas.......everybody say but I do not like it but of course I do it anyway, I can' let be.

It will be just salad and water for 4 weeks now, do You believe me????? Boohoo, me either *S*!!!



Eddies present was to big for a package.....wonder who was most happy for the tractor??????



Eddie was most interested in the strings on the presents *S*!



Jimmie sleeping on the couch for one and a half hour but Eddie stay awake!



Jonnie and Eddie handing out the presents.



This is from the evening when Eddie was tired after a long day without taken his normally nap in the day!! Jonnie got many presents, he have probably been very nice during this year *S*!



Eddie playing and Jimmie and Eddie kissing under the mistletoe!



Runes Norwegian Christmasdinner.



Thank You grandma´.



Small child and small puppy like each other.



The smallest puppies had a calm Christmas.




Wednesday 23 December 2009



All day I have been cleaning the house. Outdoor it was SNOWING and it looks like a real Christmas for once in a while!



Even in Holland in Medemblikk where Seven lives they have snow now. Thank You Diana that send this snow photo from Your garden!



In the afternoon we were out to shop the last things for tomorrow, and then we were at Hanna, Jens and Alicias home to leave some Christmas presents for them.




Jens just have decorated their Christmas three and Hanna and Alicia tell him where he should put things *S*!



Hjärtat, Chrissi and Totte was as crazy as always!



Jenny came in the evening and we eat and played Bingo lotto together, shit we did not win more than 10 e......we have hoped for a new car or a loooong trip or lot of money.......as everyone else in Sweden this evening *S*!



Ellie and Jennie have bought some "Angels" for Jenny!



Rune got marzipan and lottery from Jenny and he was happy!!!!!



I got beautiful flowers and a "Thank You Angel" from Jenny, I love it!!!!



Jenny was happy for her and Carolas presents from Aase.


And it was still snowing outside, HURRAY!!!!



In the late night Jenny and Jonnie was driving around in Götene - cruising *S*!



Tuesday 22 December 2009



Jennie and Ellie came in the middle of the day and Ellie and I went shopping and Jennie helped Roy to clean his home today.



Ellie and I was in the flowerstore, and in the evening we eat Runes frozen cheesecake!!



When Rune came from work we eat together and we changed Christmas presents and flowers.



Rune start to bake some cakes again and then he will be finished with his Christmas baking.



Monday 21 December 2009



Eddie out walking in his work jacket, just the same as his Jimmie have *S*!


It was to cold to take photos yesterday, but we took a quick one of Penny on the stair.....!



Photo from yesterday when Rune made his medistercakes and Jonnie try to eat them up!!!



As Ellie is coming tomorrow we have to dress our christmasthree tonight and we did it until almost 4 o'clock in the night!!!



Daddy was helping us with the decoration......he took the kulorna and run out in the kitchen with them to Gloria and retade his "ugly" sister *S*!!!




Sunday 20 December 2009


Rune and I looked at TV almost the whole night *S* and went to bed at 5 o'clock in the morning.


Up at lunch and eat together with Eva and Arne. Then Eva followed us out in the garden to try to get some photos for our Christmas card......and that is a work I will tell You..ask my children *S* they hate this time when I will try to get a new and fancy photo to send to friends *S*!


Most photos looked terrible and I think we took about 300.......Always something that was bad on every photo and dogs just want to smell int he snow or to play or turn their back the wrong way *S* and Rune and I looked soo stupid and if one of us looked ok the other one looked terrible. Eva laughed so much so when we finally get some good photos they were so blur as she have been laughing *S* the same procedure as every year!!!!!



Totally khaos ha ha ha ha ha.....and it was too cold for us all to be out more than 5 minutes!!!



In Gothenburg there were not that much snow and not that cold. Even if Eddie got the flue again he could be out for a little while!



Then he go inside to eat his yoghurt, but it was more fun to play with it!



And then he needed a bath, and Nathalie and I think he played with the food as he LOVE TO bath!!!




Photos from my daughter Jennie. Snurra was tired after a day in the stable. And In the evening she was helping Jennie to read from the computer.


I asked Jennie if she have been so calm now the last month......as I know she have been very playful earlier.....But she said that NO NO NO...Snurra is just waiting for Jennie to leave the computer so she can eat up the keyboard *S*!!! She is just as crazy as before!!!



The day have been so beautiful and I really hope this weather will stay until after New Years Eve, at least!


Rune made lot of cakes today and 137 Medisterkaker (pork meat balls special for Christmas)......some kind of hamburgers from Norway, bläääääää, he is the only one that eat this too, so he will have many.. Ok, Jonnie can eat them too if there isn't anything else.........From the beginning when Rune made food Jonnie eat a lot and every time he got pain in his stomach...and of course it was because of Runes Norwegian BAD food........But we know that it was as he liked it so much and he eat too much every time *S*!!!!




Fantastic colours at the sky in the evening.



Saturday 19 December 2009


Sunny morning with a fantastic beautiful garden lot of ice and snow on everything. It is -12 degrees now but it was -18 when we went to bed, but warm and cosy inside, thank god it is weekend so Rune can be home and fire and bring more firewood home as it is empty again, and the air heating pump is not enough when it is this cold.

We will buy one more pumpto put in the kitchen as our house is too big for only one, but they are empty in the store and will hopefully come next week.


Today Eva and Arne is coming here to put up their caravan before it come more snow. They will stay here from the day after Christmas eve and for a week, as we will celebrate New Year together.



Here comes the farmer with more wood for us....Daddy is inspecting!



Rune and Jonnie did a big work in the cold!!!!

 Here comes Eva and Arne.


Very cold and clear day.



Today we have to make the puppybed  bigger and I have to move my bed in to the other part of the kitchen, and Daddy love it so he can sleep with me again. And so do I. And as usual everybody else love that bed too *S*!



Both Eva and Daddy was so tired after dinner.



Much better room  for growing puppies here, but in one week we have to make it bigger again and opened so the puppies can go out on the newspapers to pee.



In the evening Rune continue with his baking....tonight he made Frozen Cheesecake, the only thing that Jenny want for Christmas......and unfortunately

 I love it too, and can't let be to eat it, shit shit!!



Last week a friend of Jonnie borrowed his car and suddenly a dear jump op from the side......shit on his new styled and painted car!



Last weekend in Brussels Seven became best Bitch before Annemiek's Gwynmor Ysgaven.



And later on BOB for Judge Mrs Rita Kadiak-Skadina, Latvia....BOS was CH Elaridge Celtic Warrior.


Thank You Melissa for beautiful photos!



Jilloc's Seventh Heaven is now Belgium Winster 2009, Dutch Youth Ch, Luxemburg Ch, Dutch Ch, Belgium Ch, INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION...........Congratulations Diana and Andre.

Love You, and wich You all the Best for next year!!!



Hey sister don't take my nipple....I had it first!!!!!!!



Friday 18 December 2009






I love when it is white outside!



We woke up to a terrible bang, and then it was totally quite. I jump up from the bed and looked around. The big box on the top on the freezer where we have put all lamps !!! have been falling in the floor.....I just wonder whow many lamps that will funktion after this fall...we have to wait and see!




Puppies soon two weeks.



Some of the puppies have been opening their eyes today!



Happy that we put our caravan under the roof last week (almost, it is too long). But better than nothing and Rune have bought a big tent to put over in the front, but just now it is too cold to do that.



My sweet squirrel that I bought on Internet some years ago.



Kristina and Leif have been to a show some weeks ago and Breeze (J Super Model) became BOB and BIG 1, good girl, Congratulations!!!!

Photo from Kristina.


Jonnie before and after.

Oooooooooo Rune was trimming Jonnie with the same machine as to the dogs *S*. The best You can give Jonnie is milk (lactosefree).


Time for cutting nails of small puppies. Jonnie got the new drivinglicens today by post, and they made hole in his old one!!!



Rune have start his Christmas bakery that is sooooooo important for him. Here is his DELPHIA Cake.....bläääääää, he is the only one that eat it *S*! And he is soo happy for that.



Thursday 17 December 2009



Beautiful flowers this time of year too.



Our house is freezing!



The first part of this little house should be from 1419.......this is amazing. Can it really be so? I have to check it up..



Puppies and mother in the heat inside.



Every time Jonnie enter the door (and that is many times every day *S*) he pick a puppy up and tell them stories...here he have learn this my little girl "High Five" !!!!!



Love when it is white outside, everything is so much brighter then!


Nice photos from our friend Bente in Norway, of Sandy (J Velvet Touch).



Sandy is such a heartbreaker!!!



The dog family love each other!



Sandy is one of the funniest puppies and she is full of branks Bente told us *S*!




Mummy...now I am ready, pleeeeeeeease let me inside!!!!!!!



And here is photos of Lazy (J Value Of Money).......one of the other sisters. Thank You Josefine. So good to hear that everything is well.

Since about 14 days I/we are more than happy that our "big" puppies are clever enough to pee and shit outside all the time, thank god!!!



Wednesday 16 December 2009




Today I was driving to Götene to buy food, I was away for an hour, and it went well at home with Gloria and the puppies alone for the first time.


In the evening -10 degrees Celsius. Brrrrrrr!!!



Puppies start to look so gorgeous from one day to another. And they have start to eat meat in small balls today.




Tuesday 15 December 2009



More snow and it start to get colder outside.


Early this morning Jonnie will make a theory test for the driving licence again.....he have been so close last week....the driving was no problems as usual, that boy have been driving EVERYTHING since he start to walk. He called 10.55 and said that he had more points today than he needed. HURRAY finally and the person that will be most happy for this is probably Rune that have been training and training with him every night.


Flowers for Jonnie!

We should have been eating cake today, but Jonnie is not that fond of that and I try to not just now *S*!










Monday 14 December 2009



Guess if Rune was tired when he had to go up for work this morning!?!


Snow and beautiful outside.


Small puppies is growing so well and big puppies is playing in the snow.





Lovley photos from Russia and J Very Very Sweet. She have been at her first SHOW and became BOB Baby at a Clubshow and BIS 1 BABYat a

CAC Show in Moscow this weekend, thank You Katya that send us those photos of Misty (J Very Very Sweet). Hope to see You next Year, and Good luck with coming shows!


El Misty with her first prizes we guess there will be many more in the future, what a start, Congratulations Katya.



Misty with some of her family members.



Someone have painted me on my back *S*!!!



Such a good girl only 12 weeks old and already so used to everything....!



Sunday 13 December 2009


At 8.55 Jenny called and told me that Dollar (J Walk On Top) have been the winner of the Junior class, this was the first time he was entered in an official class as he just have been 10 months old. Hurray, hurray what a good start at the day, and he got CK so he will continue for the judge that judge all grown dalmatians today. The Juniors was judged by Agnes Ganami.

I was soo happy for that as Dollars new owner from Spain was there to take him home and of course it is much more fun to show up a good result.



Good boy he was so much more interested in showing this time.



Then it was Daddy's time......and in BEST MALE he and Dollar was Nr 1 and Nr 2, Hurray more than we could ask for!!!!!!



In the competition for BEST BITCH there were many bitches left.



Carola show the judge that Hannie (Timanka's Perfect Collection) now have two CAC...she became Nr 4 Best Bitch today and got her second.


Congratulations Carola You really deserve this now!



Just as we wanted it Daddy BOB and it is soo ok for me with a Timanka dog as BOS as You understand *S*!!


JWW 08 NordJV-08 BalticW-09 Nord EE LuxJ Ch Jilloc's Sugardaddy BOB and S N DK SF Ch SV-04 Timanka´s Movie star BOS together with the judge from today Mr Vojtek Vlastislav



Alberto with his friend from Spain with Daddy and Dollar. Alberto and Jenny with Dollar.

Tomorrow they will fly home to Spain...so good for Dollar to get some good weather instead of Swedish snowstorm *S*!

We wich You all the best together for the future, and see You next year!



Beautiful and clean ring of honour.



When there were 5 dogs left in Group 6 I was standing by in the phone and listened......I think that it was a miracle that Jenny's phone didn't broke up as much as she and I screamed together when Daddy was WINNER OF GROUP!!!!!!!!!!!

Group was judged by Trivet Heyerdahl, Norway.



One and one entered the BEST IN SHOW final!



No placement in BIS, but flowers!!!! and cocard!



Both "boys" happy to be home after 21 hours "on the road" and "in the ring"!!!!!!!



Dont sleep now!!!!!! Why are You tired???? I did all the work......*S*!



Some things from today.



Tired after a long and successfull day!


Now it's ok with lot of snow here as my boys are safe home again!!!!



Saturday 12 December 2009


Of course I find out that the thermostat in the kennel DID NOT WORK this morning, Grrrrrrr!!!!!!


As Rune is home today I will go out and buy Christmas presents in Lidköping. But after just an hour Rune called and told me that the watertap in the kennel was broken and he have had to close all water in the house I have to go back home so he could go to Jula and buy a new tap...shit, but of course it was better that it happened today when he was home instead on a weekday when I have had to call for an Plummer! Always something....



This morning we tried to take some nice photos of Dollar, but he just wanted to play and were so hopeless *S*. I give both him and Daddy a bath in the evening, as Rune are going to Stockholm for the big show there tomorrow. Eva, Carola and Jenny is coming in the night to travel with him.


Rune went to bed early and I pack all things for tomorrow down.......then I packed in lot of Christmas presents and suddenly was Eva here, clock was 2.30 already. At 3.30 Jenny and Carola came and after a while even Rune was ready and they leave from home.....soon after. They were in Stockholm at 7 o'clock.

I looked at TV and went to bed at 5.30.



Friday 11 December 2009


The electrician promise to come today, do I believe it, I don't know!

He was here as he said, I really hope that it is function now.....



So happy for that our "crazy" Gloria is so calm in the whelping box, everyone that know her thought that we will have some problems to keep her calm *S*!!!

She is a perfect mother!



I have really problems to decide if I shall keep  Vic Junior at home or Very Important.......I am sooooooo fond of both, but Junior is the best of them just now, but I love VIP, Oooooooo why do I have so much feelings for my males????? And Visit at Midnight he have the most beautiful head ever...what should I do?????? And my most beautiful is View from Above, but he have his blue eye...ok I buy lenses for him, then I have solve all my problems *S*!!!



Thursday 10 December 2009


Rune get contact with the el man and he promise to come today, but he didn't. Who cares about dogs????? No one else than dog people!!!



Everything is fine with mother and children and we are stationed in the kitchen again after just some weeks in our bedroom *S*!


I had customers tonight for some hours, the prom girls have already started to come and try their dresses.



Wednesday 9 December 2009


Today the electrician was here again to repair and change the thermostat in the kennel, thank god, it should be colder outside soon.



Victoria and her naughty brothers have had lot of fun in the kennel during a unsupervised moment. It took almost 3 hours to make it normal again, it was "snow" all over the house!


In the afternoon I find out that there were still no heat in the floor in the kennel (One room of two) GrrrZX!!! Shit!!!! Try to call the electrician but of course he did not answer.

Thank god it was in the part of the kennel where I can put in an electric element, in this "puppy part" it have been impossible with an electric heater.



Tuesday 8 December 2009



Thank You Jenny that bought me this t-shirt, I just wonder why...doe's she think I like Glitter and Glamour????? Or *S*!!



Jenny came here to pick up my dogs.



And thank You that You bring my puppies and Dollar to the vet for vaccinations today.



Monday 7 December 2009


Soooo tired today, poor Rune have to go early to work.



In the evening Rune drive to the vet and we reduced the litter with two. It was so much calmer in the puppy bed with "only" nine puppies.


Now we have 4 males and 5 bitches. Not sure about the colours yet, but I do not think that this is so important this early, just happy that puppies and mother is in good health and eat well. And with our breed there are so much more to look for until what we know what is left in the litter.



Poor Rune was so tired after this "free" weekend, when he came from work this evening.



Sunday 6 December 2009



Glories puppies was suddenly born in the night. She was lying at my feet in the leather sofa in front of the TV, and suddenly I felt wet on my feet. But she was still sleeping, then we found out that the water have gone and the whelping was very soon coming *S*.  Rune run out into the kitchen and start to move out the big puppies in the kennel together with Penny and Devlina. Then he cleaned and put up a temporary whelping box so we can move Gloria to the kitchen as soon as possible. I moved Gloria to a blanket in the sofa and she probably felt that something was going to happened, she was sitting a bit strange and she was wet on her back, but she was sitting with me like that for about 30 minutes until I walked out to the kitchen with her.



Something have happened, but she was not sure what yet!!



Three o'clock in the night the first puppy arrived and it was not that easy to get the puppy out, but Gloria was sooooo patient as we try to help her as much as we could, but after 20 minutes the first puppies was out. I was so tired and we decide that I go to bed first and Rune stay with Gloria in the kitchen. When I woke up three hours later and went out to the kitchen there were 9 puppies born. Then Rune went to sleep and we got two more, the last one 8.05. Eleven puppies on 5 hours, fantastic!



So good that it is over for now.



In the evening Rune said that he will take the watch at Gloria's side while I went up for a shower..........but as always he is not that good on that *S*....I heard it up to the first floor that he was sleeping and run down to stay there while he was sleeping *S*, as he really need it!



Daddy steal Dollars toy that he got from Hildegunn, he probably thought that he could show his sisters puppies the toy or that he could play with them already *S*!



Very late in the night we try to mate Perfect and it went ok even if she was not that interested in Daddy. We are not sure that this was right day for mating but she was mated on day 7 last time with Harry (but then she was standing perfect) and get 13 puppies in Finland at Kennel Marnellin, and today it is day 8 so we do it anyway and then we will find out what happened in some weeks.



Saturday 5 December 2009


Today Rune and I is going to shop Christmas presents in Trollhättan. Gloria is still calm at home.



We went to a big toystore to try to find something for Eddie, and we did! It took us 30 minutes to pack it, as it was big and not that easy to get nice...this was the best we could do. We were very hot now both of us and Rune got some help to bring the package out to the car......




It was tooooo much people in the shopping centre as the Idols were there to sing......!



After about 30 minutes when Rune try to find some solution to get the package in our car he had to give up, and take the present out from our "nice" *S* package and put it in the car in different places, so now he have to put it together again at home ha ha ha ha.....But he is very good at those things!! The opposite of Roy....ha ha I never forget our children's birthdays or Christmas presents that he have to put together in the early mornings when they have opened their package.......with bicycles, cars, tractors etc etc...There were ALWAYS more things like screws and so on left in the package than it was from the beginning ha ha ha ha...and when I told him that EVERY piece have to be put together as the instructions he told me time after time that it was NOT necessary at all!! And when they start to cycle or roll just some meters the toy fell apart immediately....THIS HAPPENED EVERY Christmas and Birthday ha ha ha..!

After many years like this (it was not fun for our children, they wanted to use their present as once of course) I learned to take one handyman, Ronny, that worked for us for many many years to put the presents together the evening before, and suddenly there were no things left to put on the toy as he do it the right way. Both I, Roy and our children was soo pleased with that solution *S*! Most of all Roy I think!!!!




After some hours shopping we went to eat on a special cafe that I love for their very good salads. We just come there some times of the year and I take the shellfish salad each time, with lot of shrimps and crawfish and so on. It was so much that I have to ask for a bag to take half of it with me at home.



Back home in the afternoon Carola came with Perfect, she is in season and we will try to mate her this time (even if her season is a bit strange this time, she is swollen but is not bleeding...?)

 Sp anyway it is better that she stay here so we can test her every day, even if it have been better if she have waited some weeks as here is enough now with Gloria having her puppies soon and all the big puppies....

We have to wait and see what happens.


We were tired and look at TV the whole evening and I was sleeping most of the time *S* with Gloria on my feet....



Sibling love!



Gloria is hot so she have to move to the floor for a while.



Friday 4 December 2009



In the afternoon Jennie, Ellie and my mother will come here to look at the puppies and then we will go together to Lundsbrunn Restaurant in the evening to eat Christmas table as we do every year in the beginning of December.



We have been hoping for some snow so we got more Christmas feeling but no that was too much to wich for.



Roy was happy to be home in time for this *S*!!! He was so tired of rice and noodles that he hates....! Eva and Arne/Cliff was hungry too!!!




Ellie Jennie and me.




A man played Christmas songs, and they have decorated wit lot of light, candles and flowers but the photos can't show how beautiful it was.



We were only ten as Eddie was sick and Jimmie and Nathalie have to stay home.



We have been to many restaurants, but this is our favourite restaurant, and best of all so close to home (only 5 km).



So much to choose from. Mmmmmmmm!!!



Carola, Me and Rune, and my "stiff up a lip" daughter *S*!



Ellie eat so much this year, so good to see, normally she only take one sausage and some candy. Carola have hard to decide what to start with *S*!



Everything for everyone, and the candy table is of course a favourite!



White Christmas, Yes please!




We have to walk many times. Arne was the first one to become full of us all *S*!



Then some of us start again from the beginning *S*!!!




I found chocolate mousse cake even if I was too full. Eva eat at FOUR plates at the same time she had so hard to decide what she want *S*!!!



Today it was allowed to eat candy, but not tomorrow!



Rune and I fell down on the coach together with some dogs, we were NOT hungry at all *S*


Gloria was still so calm but she have dig apart one big bed of her this week and she eat just meatballs and sausage since yesterday. But she will probably and hopefully wait closer until Thursday before the puppies comes.....




Thursday 3 December 2009


Today I finally got time for a new visit at a new doctor, at the new health centre in Götene. When I came there it was almost chaos there, many many people from Götene wanted to take the injection for the flue as there are so much propaganda for that.

I have decide not to take it by my self as I many many years ago got a injection for the Hong Kong flue as it was called then in 1972, and after a while I was sooo sick in jaundice, meningitis and clam fever and was lying at hospital for a while. As there were such a hysteria for the flue then they have bought the medicine from a country that sold infected vaccine, and there are always some people that want to earn lot of money when this happens

But of course it is good for some people to be vaccinated and I am happy that both Eddie and Ellie are....



In the middle of the day Åsa came from Norway, with her father to bring Bertha back to Oslo for a further flight to Aase in Tromsö.

So happy to have had her here, and we will for sure miss her a lot.



Bertha was happy to see Åsa.



Jill have to stay in the cage for an hour and she was really offended *S*!


Josefine came in the evening to bring Lazy home.



All puppies wanted to follow Josefine and her family home!



 Laizy is waiting to take her bag and move out. She have waited and waited and so have we *S*.



Laziy räcker ut tungan to her sibings that have to stay here *S*!




Wednesday 2 December 2009



This morning the electrician came before Rune leave for work to fix our heat in the kennel...some of the dogs have eaten up the termostat on the wall so we can't increase the heat, and we really need to do it those cold days.

Soo good that it now will function again.


In the evening when Rune went out to give some of the dogs food in the kennel, as we would like it to be a little calmer for Gloria some of the dogs that normally is inside with me and the others, have moved out there already as we can see that Gloria is preparing for the birth to make her bed and to rest a lot.


I just heard a scream and he start to shout on the dogs........what have they done now????


Someone have eaten up the termostat , just to call for the electrician and just to pay again, shit shit shit, why have they start with that just now when we need the heat so well. Stupid dogs, and we do not know how it can be......Dollar or Penny????? All the others are grown up and have never done this before??????


But later this evening when only Daddy was there .......someone...probably him have eat up the rest of the termostat. Sorry Dollar and Penny, it was probably Your stupid dad that did it!!!


Tomorrow it is one week before her litter will come and I hope she doesn't come too early as we are going to Lundsbrunn for a Christmas table at Friday evening with some friend and family.




A bit cold outside but the puppies love to go out and pee, and play with Penny.


If everything is ok this Saturday we will go out to buy more Christmas gifts, then I will be home with her until she is ready and the puppies are over 14 days, then I can go shopping again.



VIP in the sunshine.




One more lovemeeting between Daddy and Bertha!



Tuesday 1 December 2009


Up tooo early to go to Skövde today to shop presents before Christmas. Jonnie and I leave home at 9.30 and were in Skövde 45 minutes later.



Here comes Jonnie with the mail for today, and it is almost white outside today, hurray!


I have bought a nice dress for Ellie last week that I will give her this week so she can use on all parties before Christmas, but she have been with Jennie in a store and seen the dress and said that it looked ugly!!??!! Ok, no use to keep it then and she don't take it on....So first of all I will leave it back today, and then to look for something to Eddie and then I need Jonnie as an expert what "boys" like to get in present!!




After some hours we were on our way back home again and this time it was soooo terrible slippery on the road that we drive in 40 km and had problems to stay on the road anyway.....Oh, soo good when we were back home again. It was my fault, there are new winter tires ready in the garage, I just have to drive there and they will put them on but I haven't had the time, stupid!!!!


I was in a hurry back home as Hildegunn is coming today, and I have to clean again for the puppies before she come. It smells like in a barn everytime I have been out for more than an hour! When it is warm outside they can be in the kennel inside of the kitchen and walk in and out, but today we have -6 degrees and then it is way to cold for them to go out at all.




Hildegunn came in the middle of the day with flowers and cake (shit, now I have to eat it again *S*)....And she bring a toy for Dollar as he is one of her favourites and he is soon going to move to his new home so today is the last time she will meet him. Thank You I know that he appreciate it!!!



As Rune was on a board meeting this evening we had a long time together and that is good, so we really have time to look at the puppies and to discuss a lot!!!





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